Sunday, March 21, 2010

Long lost contact: Nick the Networker checks in

Today I taught a class of business editors and writers about social media and ways it can be useful for reporters.

It was a great class. I have been teaching social media for almost two years and this was the first time I broke it into two parts: one for newbies and one for journalists wanting to dig deeper.

I talked about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and more.

Although I was nervous beforehand, I felt good during it. And as I wrapped up, my audience broke into applause. Very nice. Very sweet.

Early this evening, I had a pleasant surprise (OK, yes, a Perfect Moment), brought to me by what other than Social Media. Nick Hall wanted to connect on LinkedIn.

Nick is a serial entrepreneur who I met 10 years ago when I was working as the small business editor at BusinessWeek Online. Nick launched, "the place for bouncing back."

Nick was networking long before the Social Media craze. Take a look at his sites:
  • Nick the Networker

  • Graham's Foundation

  • BusinessWeek Q&A with Nick:
    Nicholas Hall, serial entrepreneur and founder of, says succeeding involves bouncing back and overcoming self-doubt

  • I remember Nick as a super friendly guy, high-energy, innovative, brilliant.

    The Nick who checked in this evening is all the above, I'm sure. But he's also lived a world of life since we worked together. As Nick says, he and his wife "know the roller-coaster ride of emotions that parents of micro-preemies face."

    I know a lot of moms come to this blog from Lori's Perfect Moment Monday. You should all check out Graham's Foundation, which Nick and his wife, Jenn, created to provide care packages that offer both practical and emotional support for the parents of micro-preemies during their journey in the NICU.

    So glad Nick made contact again. I love his energy. And I want to share his project now.

    Robin, Tempe


    Kristin said...

    What a wonderful surprise to make contact that way again.

    Lavender Luz said...

    Looks like a wonderful organization. I tweeted it and have added it to the Lost & Found page for the ALI community. Should be up tonight or tomorrow.

    Sheri said...

    I'm visiting from Lori's Weebles Wobblog post.

    I think networking is fascinating. You never know who knows who you know. Thanks for connecting us to another power networker, strengthening and expanding the web.

    Thanks for sharing your perfect moment!

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