Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shapeshifting on the Tempe 521

On the Express bus home yesterday as I gazed out the window, I got a quick feeling that I was in Europe.

The gray landscape and blur of traffic felt familiar.

But I think it was merely the being whisked away that took me to another place. You know, the whole leaving-the-driving-to-the-driver thing.

But then I got a glimpse of Phoenix.

Something about palm trees in the desert always surprises me.

The Desert Fan Palm is the only palm tree native to to the states west of Texas. It is here to remind us desert dwellers that we live in an oasis in middle of the Sonoran Desert.

Come to think of it an oasis is often an optical illusion too. Like seeing Europe out the window on the Express bus ride home.

Robin, Tempe

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