Monday, March 8, 2010

Perfect lunchtime .. in real life

Social media. You either 'get it' or you don't.

I have met many people over the last few years who I consider friends. ... people I have only communicated with via Twitter or Facebook.. and maybe occasionally on e-mail .. if we needed to get more wordy... or more private.

Some friends and family just don't get this. But it's true. Almost weekly, I have people on Twitter shoot me a request for help or offer of a suggestion.

This sort of comment is not uncommon: "@RobinJP, I remember you once offered to help, would you mind taking a look at my blog, my Web site, this article ... "

More often, comments come as a quick link to an article someone knows I'd find interesting or a response to something I've said. How else could I define friendship?

Lori, from Weebles Wobblog (which I always call Weebles Wobble of course), says it well. I have known Lori, aka @BestLight, for nearly two years.

Last Monday, we met IN REAL LIFE for lunch while I was in Denver to visit my mom.

What a sweet note Lori wrote after our visit. Perfect Moment Monday.

Lori is a sweetie. She juggles many blogs .. Weebles Wobblog is my favorite. She has written for Adoptive Families magazine and some newspapers and has recently been tapped as an expert on adoption issues for publications.

She 'gets it.'

I wish we could have lunch again this week. There's so much more to say.

Robin, Tempe

1 comment:

Lavender Luz said...

I wish so, too.

I simply love our connection.

XOXO to you, Robin.

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