Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm starting to believe there are angels watching over me

I had a crazy week which included a couple of close calls. And even though things got pretty scary several times, things turned out OK. Actually, they turned out just fine. And now I enter the weekend feeling very thankful and somewhat relieved.

And I'm starting to believe there may be angels watching over me...

My week included flying from D.C. to Phoenix after a weeklong business trip. I worked a full day on Tuesday. I then put in another 5 1/2 hours covering the election. I volunteered to help edit stories and post blogs in the Cronkite News Service newsroom at Arizona State University. You can just about see me sitting near the far wall in the photo on the left above.

Angels start waking up, stretching... On Wednesday, after a very quick turnaround, I got to a 7:30 a.m. appointment to have a sonogram on my right breast. One of the two imaging machines in the office were broken, but I was patient No. 1. Out in 20 minutes. Determined not to worry about it until the results were in. Take one step at a time.

After another long day which included attending a large award luncheon, helping to run the 90-minute Twitter conversation #wjchat, and plenty of catching up, I headed home around 7 p.m.

That's when the angels really spread their wings...

My battery light was on as I drove the 15 miles home. As I got off the highway about 3 miles from home, my radio went out. Then other warning lights on the dash began flashing. I turned right hoping to make it another mile to a mechanic. I was about to turn left from one very busy street onto a side road when my car stopped altogether. It wouldn't start again. I had only enough power to run the emergency flashers.

I hopped out of the car to wave people around me and started looking for a phone number to the mechanic. Yet I was pretty sure they'd just closed. Cars were whizzing by on both sides of me. I don't have AAA.

I was thinking, 'How big of an emergency is this?'

Cars were whizzing by. People seemed really irritated that I was slowing them down. Irritated that I was having a personal emergency.

I called 9-1-1 - 'Car died. In the intersection. On Rural.' A very nice dispatcher said to stay in a safe place and a patrol car would be right there.

Angels are flying down low to start directing traffic...

A guy in a really big pickup pulled up and offered to push me through my left turn to get me through the intersection and onto the side street. At that point, the road was free. We could go. But my car was dead weight and he was slow getting me up to speed.

The angels gasped, averted their eyes but shot some juice to my car horn..

By the time I was coasting through the intersection, somewhere a light had changed and three lanes of cars were heading right toward me. They kept coming, weaving around me. I leaned on the horn, which worked. They honked back and I'm sure were swearing as they swerved around me, narrowly missing my car. I was coasting and braking and honking. And praying like only an atheist can. Oh God, oh God, oh God.

I rolled alongside the curb, out of harm's way. An officer pulled up behind me, turned on his lights and hopped out. Oh, man, I should have waited for you.

The angels started checking in to base camp to see if anyone else was in need...

My officer called for a tow truck. A second officer said she'd stay with me if I felt unsafe. I felt super-safe now. And within minutes a very helpful tow truck driver tried to see if he could diagnose my car's problem before he put it on his truck for a 3-block drive to my mechanic.

And before the final angel moved on...

My doctor had called to give me the all clear. No problems spotted on that morning's sonogram.

Robin, Tempe


Dana said...

Whew. I really am thankful you dodged those multiple bullets this week. And it reminds me that the next time I see someone in distress, I should stop and remind myself that this is someone's dear friend. And it is within my power to do something his/her friends will also be thankful for.

And speaking as a theist ... It comforts me to know that God really doesn't mind you being an atheist. She's there when you need her, even if you only ask when there are three lanes of crazy Arizonans honking past your lifeless car.

RobinJP said...

Thanks so much, Dana. I love that you may slow down and take time to check on someone having their own personal crazy day.

Many times when my morning commute is slow because of an accident, I think about how the delay may be making me late to work, but some poor person is having a much worse day. There but for the grace of your god... =)

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Blessings to you and your angels, so glad the sonogram was clear and you are safe!

Lavender Luz said...

"And praying like only an atheist can."

This had me laughing! I know I shouldn't have ;-)

I'm so glad things turned out OK in all ways. Whew! Your adrenals need a nice bubble bath, and I'm sure your liver wouldn't mind a glass of wine, too.

Good job, angels!

RobinJP said...

There's always humor in the fear, Lori. Praying like only an atheist can... That was a week ago now and I'm all calmed down. Crazy and scary at the time, but I've still got my eye out for those angels.

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