Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Kindle for me, Get me a real life book!

James Patterson does put
Sue in 7th Heaven
I was sitting on the plane the other day flying to Indianapolis and I could hardly wait for the plane to get off the ground. I was excited because I had a new James Patterson book to read. I knew that for the next three hours and 28 minutes I would be able to just lose myself in the book, one of my all time favorite things to do.

I had just settled in, began reading and before I knew it I was in Europe chasing after a killer, when all of a sudden this older woman next to me reached across the aisle and tapped me on my arm. I was somewhat startled as most people on a plane go out of their way to not communicate. She said, "I just love that book! I just finished reading it, and now I am reading this new James Patterson book."

Before I knew it, we were comparing our favorite Patterson books, and talking about how much we enjoyed turning the pages. We decided that neither of us are into the newfangled "readers". We just wanted a book, with pages. We wanted to feel them between our fingers, and be able to look at a glance and see how much book we have left to read.

I get excited when I am enjoying a book, and I can see that I still have plenty of pages to read. We talked about how much we enjoyed getting books delivered to the house, and that feeling of pure joy you get opening the box, and feeling the book for the first time.

I got that same feeling when I was a kid and my Nancy Drew books would arrive at my house. I would take my time reading only a few pages at a time to make it last!

My new book friend said she completely understood. After a few more words of reminiscing, we both then finished off our conversation, and both got lost for the next three hours in our mystery thrillers.

I finally finished my book today, and as usual I felt a sense of sadness as I turned the last page. But, the only thing that's carrying me through right now, is I have put a new Patterson book on my Christmas list. So Santa, if you can hear me, please make my wish come true!

Sue, Tempe

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Lavender Luz said...

Oh, I love those books that you just don't want to end.

Thank you for reminding me that perfect moments often come in paperback, and in hardback.


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