Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jonatha Brooke's beautiful "That's What I Believe"

I am borrowing a Perfect Moment today from Jonatha Brooke the beautiful singer. She posted a note this morning she tagged "sunday morning revelation." It starts with:

That's What I Believe
My mother woke up in tears this morning.
"I think I'm going to DIE."
I read her some of her favorite hymns....

=>=> read it all and then you'll know what this video is all about.

If you like that, you'll love Jonatha Brooke. Listen to this... All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me ... and then go buy some of her music. You can thank me later.

Robin, Tempe


Lavender Luz said...

Thanks for the introduction to Jonatha. Her message is kinda timely.

Tracy said...


and any more like this feel free to share aaaanytime. love love music that comes from "That" place.

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