Friday, June 17, 2011

Sometimes, you gotta go

I ran a 5K race last weekend. It was kind of a pain because the race was 45 minutes from home .. and that's in 5 a.m. traffic.  But when I got to the park, I couldn't find the event. Turns out the run was in the same park as the past few years, but at a totally different entrance.

With a little help from a friend who was also lost and my GPS, I did find it, but I was really running late. 10 minutes to start.

I was preregistered but had to get my number and racing chip.  6 minutes to start.

Really, really had to go, so I headed to the potties. 5 minutes to start.  

Two weeks ago, these same race organizers delayed a 5K because of a long potty line. I'll be OK. 
On your marks...   
My turn! Zipped inside one of those lovely blue bins. Hovered over the hole and ....  HOOOOONNNNKK!  

Well, that was a first. I've never been in the potty at the start of the race. A personal record, not necessarily a personal best. 

Thank goodness for racing chips.  Once out of the potty, I crossed the starting line and my own personal race began. 

Robin, Tempe

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Lavender Luz said...

I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you! I love that you kept your sense of humor about this and stayed focused on just GOING.

Wait. You know what I mean :-).

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