Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day, everybody

I went out for an early morning run today. Left the house at 6:30 while it was a little cooler and the light was gorgeous.
As I ran down one street, I saw a pickup truck filled with flags on poles. Boy Scouts were jumping in and out of the truck, planting those flags in the front yards.
It's Flag Day, I realized. The air was so crisp and the flags so pretty that I ran on with a smile on my face and my camera in my pocket.

Didn't even snap it. But the image lives on.

Happy Flag Day everybody.

... flags were kind of a big deal when I grew up. My dad was in the Air Force and life include a lot of insignias, uniforms, ceremonies. We knew the difference between staff and mast. We knew how to fold a flag into a tight triangle.
Seeing those flags line the streets this morning brought back good memories. (Although we cancelled our Boy Scout donation .. the one that brings the flags .. cause they have a thing against gay people.) And it feels like a warmup to the pomp and circumstance of the Fourth of July, just a few weeks away.

Now I'm craving hot dogs.

Robin, Tempe

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