Friday, June 3, 2011

I got a feeling... ready for anything and heading to the water

I went for a long walk the other day. Early on a weekend morning, I enjoyed watching my neighborhood wake up.

As I returned home, I passed a house where a young family was packing up the SUV. It looked like two couples, maybe brothers and their wives packing the back of the car, putting in food and chairs. From down the street I could see the activity, legs and feet under the car and a child who was shooed away.

When I passed in front of the house, I saw the adults continue to pack up and the child among them had been sent to a safe spot. A little girl, about 4, was sitting on a rock in the front yard watching all the action.

Straight black hair pulled back in a pony tail, she sat as still as her little bouncing legs would let her be. And then I saw it. It brought a smile to my face. She was wearing her life vest, ready for the pool or beach, or lake. Wherever they were going, this little sweetie was ready. Sitting in front of her house in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, she was ready for a great day on the water.

I hope her day was as wonderful as she dreamed it would be.

Robin, Tempe

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