Thursday, June 2, 2011

The kindness of ... well, this is like the opposite of bullying

The first time Sawyer toured his new school, an 11th grade girl named Robyn spotted his Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver and became his guide at ASA (Arizona School for the Arts).

She made his landing softer. She sent him a carnation on Valentine's Day, making him the coolest fifth grader ever.

Over the next two years, she made a point of saying "Hi!" And talking to him at events. It wasn't much, and it was everything.

Now she's a senior and about to go off to London to study medicine. We wish her luck in her travels. Wherever she lands, she will be fantastic!

Karina Bland, Tempe

Karina is a journalist in Arizona who who covers education, child welfare and family issues and writes a column called 'My So-Called Midlife' for The Arizona Republic. And she's got the cutest kid.

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