Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Diamondbacks have their swagger on!

Go ahead, give it a shot. Stick your toe into the water and test it out. What am I talking about? I am talking about jumping on the Diamondbacks bandwagon!

Yes, those Arizona D-backs, the team that has found itself firmly ensconced in the cellar the past several years. The team that has lived well below the .500 mark for the past few years when it came to wins.

No, what we have here are the new D-backs, the new “first place” D-backs. Yes, I know, let’s just pause for a second and savor that line. I said “first place” D-backs! Today, for the first time since this time of year in 2008, the D-backs are in first place in the National League west!

They did it by stringing together some amazing wins against the Astros, the Rockies, the Twins and the Braves! Just a few weeks ago this team was heading to their usual place at the bottom of the west standings. But then something happened along the way… the team found its’ swagger.

The team found out what true fans have known all along, they are winners. They just needed a man who demanded the most out of them.

Coach Kirk Gibson knows what it’s like to want to win so much, you will it to happen. I don’t even have to remind everyone what happened when he limped up to the plate during the 1988 World Series and hit a clutch home run. No one expected he would be able to do it, but Gibson did.

And now it’s that swagger he has brought to this team that is making the difference. This team is not made up of a group of overpaid superstars. No, this team is made up of a group of guys with a passion to prove people wrong. They want to prove they belong in the conversation when it comes to talk about the best teams in baseball!

Passion! It is a beautiful thing. This D-backs team is full of passion. Right now they are full of confidence. They are trying things they haven’t done for years. Things like hit and runs, steals, and ballsy base running!

They are out there playing like a bunch of kids, kids who love what they are doing. But they are just following the biggest kid of all, Coach Gibson.

I tip my hat to every one of the players and coaches on this team that believed, that believed they could win, and they are doing it.

So folks, jump on this bandwagon because all I can say is it’s going to be a hell of a fun ride!!! Come swagger with them!

Sue Green, Tempe

Photo of Kirk Gibson and the boys in blue by Flickr user Mr. Littlehand | Dad and daughter at the game photo by Robin J. Phillips

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