Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looking for a fresh coat of purpose

Today was a great day for me. A day when I was reminded that no matter how in the dumps I might feel at times, sometimes getting out of that funk is just as simple as picking myself off, dusting myself off, and getting back in the game.

I was reminded of this twice this morning while watching CBS news Sunday morning. The first was while watching a piece about Jane Fonda.

Yes, Yes, I know that for some people, just saying her name might make them cringe. But she said one thing in her interview that resonated with me today, especially as I approach the age of 50.

The reporter talked about getting older, and Ms. Fonda said something along the lines of... we're taught that we're born, hit middle age and then go down the hill. But she said once she got to the top of the hill in middle age, she realized that there were many new hills to climb, hills she didn't know existed!

I love the idea that I am steps away from the top of my hill and will get a chance to see those new hills to climb! It made me appreciate my half century birthday even more! | Jane Fonda's Third Act

Then a few minutes later,  there was this amazing piece on a man who figured out once again how to find purpose in his life even though in his heart he was crying, crying over losing the love of his life.

Jim Cotter had two choices, sit in his home and let the pain overwhelm him, or figure out how to get out of the house and find a new purpose in life. Not only did Jim find a new purpose for himself, but for his entire town! | Ohio widower paints the town 

I love this story, I love Jim's strength and I love the reporter Steve Hartman's use of the english language to truly make this story resonate.

What a beautiful gift I received this morning, I hope you enjoy it as well!

Sue, Tempe, Arizona

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