Monday, June 4, 2012

WNBA fans: We're loud and we're proud

Home opener Phoenix Mercury, originally uploaded by RobinJP.
Last week's home opener for the Phoenix Mercury was a disappointment for anyone wanting to see 1. the injured Diana Taurasi play much or 2. the team win.

But it was heaven for these two little girls .. and hundreds of others just like them sprinkled around the arena.

The team gave away shirts (orange, of course) and encouraged team spirit from starting whistle to the disappointing end (Sparks 99, Mercury 88).

These two really didn't care about the score. They shouted and bounced and spun on their seats. They copied the crowd, yelling "DE-FENSE" or "RE-BOUND" at the right times.

And since their mom was my source for Mercury news that night ("What injury knocked Penny Taylor out for the season?"), I'm sure these girls will be back.

The WNBA does a great job making the games fun for true basketball fans and people like me who enjoy watching the crowd as much as the game. I'll be back too.

Robin, Tempe

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