Friday, July 12, 2013

Reflections on a therapist's office

Therapist's office commentary, originally uploaded by RobinJP.
'y r u here'

This message is scratched into a table at an office where my weekly meditation group gathers. It's the office of a therapist.

The first few times I saw this, I didn't look too closely, but thought it said 'you are here.'

True, you are here. But it's not a 'Kilroy was here type of message.' It's much more profound.

'You. Are. You. Here.' is a great reflection on therapy. And a great message to carry daily.

I like to think the angry child, frustrated spouse, bored teen sitting in the waiting room was passing on a message of comfort to us all.

y r u here.

.... wherever you are.

UPDATE inspired by my friend Kate who said on Facebook: 'I thought it was a question... why are you here?"

Now that she says that, I remember thinking that also when I first saw this a few weeks ago.  But last night when I saw it again, my mind just stuck on the optimistic side.  I guess I hoped the carver had left a positive lesson for us all.  And besides, the grammarian in me just didn't see the invisible question mark!  

Robin, Phoenix

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