Sunday, February 23, 2014

So long, well-loved furniture

Our friend Judy has lived with a terror in the form of a destructive dog for two years.

She's finally found a new home for the crazy canine, but she's been left with a house full of furniture that's been gnawed on or ripped open.

This weekend, we were able to come to the rescue by offering her some furniture. (And, no! We never offered to take that devil dog off her hands.)

Judy's buddy, Rick, loaded up the furniture in his truck to take home to Judy this morning. Truly a Perfect Moment. He was a little bemused, but were were thrilled. And Judy called to thank us, choked up some because this is just one more step in creating a calm and peaceful place to live.

The timing was perfect for us.

The chair, ottoman and coffee table we gave Judy this weekend were all from our early days together. They are worn. And we squeezed every bit of use out of them in the 14 years we've had them. But, we have no kids and no pets, so they must look like brand spanking new to the newly dog-free Judy.

It's such a simple thing that people do for each other all the time.  But it helped make our weekend perfect.  Thanks, Rick!   You're welcome, Judy!

Robin & Sue, Phoenix

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

I bet that, like my yoga mat is imbued with my energy, the furniture you gave Judy is imbued with loving, playful, calm energy of you two.

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