Friday, January 10, 2014

Diana 'sure I can do that' the Handiwoman

Woman power.  Well, woman with power tools.

We met Diana last year when we needed someone to help whip our house into shape before putting it on the market.

She's great.  She's is truly handy.  And she comes with a truck full of tools. And she welcomes help from the homeowner.  "If you help me get it done faster, it'll cost you less."

Today, Diana replaced an old dishwasher.  I helped a little, but mostly listened from my home office.

This is what I heard:
E.T., take this smelly old dishwasher away. 

"eeuuww. disgusting."

drill sounds ... "Ahhhh. I wondered if I'd ever use that tool."

"hopefully your new one is small enough.. oh, I see, I got it."

"ah, there we go."

"hmmm.. is there a hosey thing?"

"interesting" said this a lot.

"oh. that's not nearly long enough."

"hehehheheee heh heh."

whispers: "ok. so that might work."

"I don't even see a part that looks like that."

"Ok now. How do we do that?"

"Do you have any duct tape?"

"oh, hey, there you go. You'd be looking for that ... eventually."

"that's what I thought.  hhuuhh, okay."

"come on, gitinthere. ah, gotcha."

Well, the new dishwasher sure did gitinthere.  It's all set and the kitchen's back to normal.

And, we've come up with another job or two so Diana will return soon.  Ahhh, there we go.

If you're in the Phoenix area, call her - Diana Hanna, 480-612-2455. She's great. She's a bit of a MacGyver. And entertaining if you listen closely.

Robin, Phoenix

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